That means it comes from Detroit. The brothers Hunt — Uriah and Brandon — are born and bred scions of the Motor City, and have brought with them the best of their hometown. Via 313 is steeped in a deep sense of place, and we’d like you to feel at home.

One-hundred years ago Detroit was at the center of the world’s automotive industry. To this day, all automotive tradition owes a debt to the inventions and innovations that were birthed in the city on the lake.

By the end of the Second World War, Detroit’s influence was being felt in Europe. Europe repaid the favor as our men and women in uniform came home with a taste for flavors they had discovered abroad. Sure, there were plenty of Italians and their food to be found in Boston, New York, Detroit, and other places where working-class folks gathered. Pizza, whether Neapolitan or Sicilian, found enthusiastic customers, making it one of the most popular foods in the world today. Detroit was no exception — except they put a spin on the Sicilian version — and that’s what brought you here today.

Fifty years ago, Detroit was known as The Motor City, its innovation and industry influencing the music factory known as "Hitsville," home of Motown Records. The Motown sound of the late 1950s and early ’60s influenced every single pop music act which followed, from the British Invasion and later Mod Scene, to whatever pop music you just heard on the radio, and Detroit music continues to kick out the jams.

It cannot be understated: the essence of Detroit, has already been captured via working-class and leadership alike, with hot sweat and deep thinking, via the depth and breath, rhythm and soul of a city and its people.

Here at our version of the 313 we make genuine, Detroit-style pizza for our family and friends, having studied the best pizza, not only in our hometown, but across the United States. We take special care to use only the finest ingredients, that our pizzas are built right, to the last bite. We are glad you are here. Eat well, drive safe, and kick out the jams.