National Thrillist - Best 33 Pizza's In America

...They're doing their home city proud with meticulously mastered crust is fluffy on the inside and caramelized with a crunchy layer cheese on the bottom and sides... [ read more ]

Eater Austin - The Sweetest 16 Places to Eat Pizza in Austin

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Austin Thrillist - Best Pizza's in Austin

"...this Violet Crown Social Club-fronting trailer dishes it out "Detroit-style" with Sicilian-esque pies cooked in square steel pans formerly used on auto assembly lines, with crispy crusts covered in caramelized cheese, toppings under the cheese, and sauce on top..." [ read more ]

Eater National - The 21 Hottest Pizzeria's in the United States

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Austin Chronicle (August 2013)

...It didn't take us long to become addicted to their unique Detroit-style pizza (which has been receiving national praise)... [ read more ]

Austinot (September 2013)

...While both pizzas left me wishing Via 313 was a part of my daily routine, The Cadillac was my favorite. With a menu filled with mouth-watering-inducing options, my return to Via 313 is a guarantee... [ read more ]

Texas Monthly - 7 Trailers You Must Visit During SXSW (March 2013)

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Austin Monthly (April 2012)

"...East Sixth Street trailer garnering raves for its square pizzas with semi-thick, light, fluffy crusts that are similar to Foccacia bread." [ read more ]

The Daily Texan (April 2012)

"...The pizza itself will turn even the most die-hard thin and traditional crust pizza connoisseur into a deep dish lover..." [ read more ]

Food=Love - Austin's Best Truck Food (March 2012)

"...a square pie that leans towards deep dish in width but has a light and airy crust. "... [ read more ]

Trailer Food Diaries (February 2012)

"... I love square-shaped pizza with cheesy edges and the sense of humor flying around the trailer was a bonus." [ read more ]

Austin Post (December 2011)

"...the pizza was just wonderful. Sinful, cheesy and saucy, but balanced. Everything worked together." [ read more ]

Eater Austin (December 2011)

"Move over Chicago-style, New York-style, Neapolitan-style: there's a new geographically oriented pizza in town. "Detroit-style" pizza has landed--we should say, pulled up--in Austin..." [ read more ]


"...I also had never had such delicious, perfect pizza anywhere before shooting this episode. Thanks to Brandon of Via 313 pizza, I now can make my own wicked-good pizza at home anytime I want to... [ read more ]

Saveur Seeking

..."Detroit style pizza may not be as well known as New York and Chicago styles, but it definitely deserves itís own stake in the pizza hall of fame"... [ read more ]


Detroit-style pizza is a style of pizza, developed in Detroit. It is a square pizza similar to Sicilian-style pizza that has a thick deep-dish crust that is crisp in texture, cooked toppings such as pepperoni and olives, and is served with the marinara pizza sauce on the top of the pizza. [ read more ]


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