The brothers Zane and Brandon Hunt have a combined 25 years experience in the independent pizza, restaurant, bar, and customer service fields. They have also been ordering pizzas on the phone as soon as they could remember the digits to dial on the phone (see the photo from 1987 as proof).

We proudly serve Austin genuine Detroit Style Pizza out of our customized pizza trailers and from our brick-and-mortar location. Our dough is prepared daily using the finest flours and classic baking techniques. We take great pride in the quality of our cheeses and meats and continue to work to source as much of it as possible from local farmers and butchers.

On December 8, 2011 two brothers from a hard-working, blue collar area of Detroit opened Via 313 Pizza out of a small & nondescript trailer on East 6th and Waller in East Austin with the dream of turning the city of Austin on to a different kind of pizza experience.

The pizza at Via 313 is inspired by our memories of traditional Detroit-Style pies from our youths (Cloverleaf, Buddy’s, Loui’s, Niki’s) and the best traditional pizzas in the region. We visit Detroit yearly to continue to sample the old classics as well as newcomers to the scene. And we’ve expanded our research from the East Coast to the West Coast, sampling and studying the best pizzas in the country.